Theme developer bonus program

Theme developer bonus program

Being part of the Symbian Themes website has its advantages. If you have noticed earlier we have included PayPal donation links next to all your themes. This enables the users who downloaded and liked your theme to quickly send a few bucks for coffee or beer to you via PayPal. To update your PayPal donation link login to Share with your username / password and follow the instructions on the "Edit PayPal Information" page to setup your PayPal donations link.

Now about the part where we give bonuses to you. With the help of our partners ThinkWeb LLC, who helped us redesign the website and implement all the new amazing features we managed to secure a fund for bonuses which we are going to give away. How many, how much you might be asking? For now there are exactly 100 developer bonuses $10.00 each. How to get one? The rules are very simple:
If you already participated in the March 2010 bonus program, please note that the rules are changed and the new rules published here are in action. All the themes submitted will be taken into account with the new rules applied. Good luck to all of you!
Yours truly,

Themes that received the bonuses:

  1. Just Black by IND190
  2. Glamour 5th by babi
  3. Premium Black by IND190
  4. Planet by Larsson
  5. iTunes by Larsson
  6. Mate by Larsson
  7. BEND 1.0 by IND190
  8. Classic Black v2.0 by Il Busted
  9. DarkGlamour5th by babi
  10. ETHNIC by IND190
  11. Dark by IND190
  12. Nokia Navigator Edition by AJ23
  13. INDIGO GOLD by IND190
  14. FANTASY by IND190
  15. Beyond by Sauromatum
  16. STARRY by IND190
  17. FANTASY 3.0 by IND190
  18. The Blue Bubble by AJ23
  19. NuDark by IND190

Theme developer bonus program — Sat, 20 Mar 2010 17:28:15 +0000
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