FAQ - Symbian Themes - General

FAQ - Symbian Themes - General

How to know if a theme is compatible with my device

First thing you have to know is if your devices is running Symbian OS Series 60 3rd edition or also referred as S60 3rd edition. If you are not sure please visit our supported devices listings to find out if your phone is listed and themes are available for your mobile phone model. To find themes that will work on your device select your device and start browsing the available themes. Furthermore on the details page under the theme screenshots is a list of compatible devices for the selected theme. If your mobile phone model is listed there the theme is supposed to work properly on your phone. Furthermore check the descriptions of the theme download files to find out which file is for your phone model. You can not use a S60 3rd edition Feature Pack 2 theme on a S60 5th edition phone for example. It will crash your phone.

Important info: Theme compatibility is calculated from few parameters including screen size in pixels, orientation of the display, Symbian OS versions and other flags. These calculations are mathematical representation of weather the theme is compatible with a device or not and by our test they seem to work, if the theme developer provided the necessary information about the theme.
However we do not have the opportunity or the time, to test every theme on every mobile phone model. There is only one way to know for sure if a theme will work on your device or not and that is to install it and try it on your phone.
All compatibility info given for this site is for information purposes only, it is theoretical and may not be 100% correct. If you decide to install a theme on your phone you are doing it on your own risk. Neither SymbianThemes.us or the author of the theme can be held responsible for any damage that may occur while using the themes provided on this site.

Which file should I download?

Please ensure that your smartphone is listed as a compatible device on the theme details page. Then if the theme has more files for download except for the custom/default icons description, on each file you can find the S60 OS version the file is intended for. Download the file that is exactly for your phone. If you are not sure if your phone runs on S60 3rd edition, 3rd edition FP1 or FP2 or maybe S60 5th edition check out the supported devices page, find your device and check out the OS version in the title. If your phone is missing please send us an e-mail to add your device.

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