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300.000 free theme downloads and more...

Another milestone to we passed, 300.000 theme downloads or to be exact 311.079 at the moment of writing this article and counting. Symbian Themes is becoming more and more popular among the Symbian S60 3rd edition mobile phone owners and we must say we are more than happy to see this.
Also from this month we have three new theme masters added to our site, a big welcome to Flahorn (the creator of the famous Flahorn icons used by many theme designers), Roman Keller and Ahmed.

On the other hand new devices have been included into our compatibility charts so now you can check if a theme is compatible with Nokia N78, Nokia N79, Nokia N85, Nokia E66, Nokia E71, Nokia 5320 Xpress Music, Samsung INNOV8, Samsung SGH-L870, the new S60 3rd edition Feature Pack 2 themes are now available for these mobile phones.

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New theme browser by tags comming soon

Since the start of this website we have been tagging all the Symbian S60 themes we upload, with color and other visual tags. Every theme is described as dark, light, yellow, blue, sport or some other visual property tag and will be soon available for browsing by these properties. The solution will be an AJAX based front end which will work on your browser. You will be able to search through the themes by compatibility and visual appearance tags.
You will have an easy to use theme tool so that you can find the theme you want in just a few clicks instead of going through all the pages looking for that theme that will fit just right on your Nokia phone.

The theme browser will be available only to the mailing list subscribers in the first time, so if you want to get access to this tool please subscribe to our free Symbian themes mailing list.

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200.000 theme downloads

Hi to all, we are back from our holidays and we came to a surprise, 200.000 theme downloads so far and counting. In the next few days we will be uploading what came to our inbox and we must say there will be a lot of new themes for you to enjoy. We hope you had a good summer!

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100.000 theme downloads

WOW today we passed the 100.000 theme downloads line. It seems like it was just yesterday we oppened the site and put the first theme online.  Four months have passed since then and the site is up and I must say it is just starting to gain strength. I would like to use this opportunity to tell you that from this month we are going to include a new theme author in our free S60 themes collection. Expect the new themes to be online in a few days.

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Symbian themes under attack

Today at approximately 13:00 CET our servers were under a heavy flood attack, a type of DoS (denial of service) attack. Although the attackers were tying hard to bring the site down, we were able to react quick and stop the attack. Unfortunately we blocked a few IP addresses in the process, mainly from Iran, where the attack originated. We apologize for any inconvenience we might have caused and as soon as the attack is over we will open our site for all the visitors around the world.

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50.000 theme downloads

Today we are really proud of our work we did. At this moment, I on the behalf of the Symbian Themes team am happy to announce that today we passed the 50.000 theme downloads line . Actually 50.089 at the moment of writing this article and more themes are downloaded as I write. The good thing is that the servers are holding and our hosting provider has not made any complaints about the bandwidth we are using at the moment to provide you with this free service. All in all things are going well. We have been busy for the last few weeks so we were unable to put some new features on the site, but we are trying to free some time up to finish the updates we promised.

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RealVista Desktop for Nokia S60 mobile phones

Although this is not exactly theme related I think it is worth giving it a bit attention here. So if you are into the new look and feel of Windows Vista you can have it on your S60 powered mobile phone and not just like a theme but as full makeover of your home screen/menus. The application uses Flash Lite 2.1 (it is a Flash Lite application after all) to change the way you phone looks without modifying any of your system files. To find out more read the RealVista Desktop for Nokia S60 post at Symbian Freeware or at Symbian Web Blog.

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20.000 downloads and counting...

Wow this is something, the first 10.000 took almost 2 months and now we have 20.000 free S60 theme downloads in just 20 days. A good deal of the Symbian themes were downloaded from the mobile site mostly from Nokia S60 3rd edition mobile phones users who got the Nokia themes directly installed on their phones.  So all in all seems like the mobile site is doing what is supposed to do, provide you with a fast and easy way to get themes while on the move.

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10.000 theme downloads

Well this is some kind of a milestone, we got our first 10.000 theme downloads, to be exact 10.278 in the moment of writing this post. Furthermore some of the upgrades on the site are on the way. Today we opened the beta mobile site for Symbian themes available at

As for now the mobile version of the site has very limited features, currently it is showing only the featured themes (Editors' choice) and few posts from this blog optimized for mobile browsers. We are working on providing all the features that the main site has in mobile optimized way on the .mobi site and in a matter of weeks you will be able to get all the themes directly through your mobile device browser.

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New logo, new features, more to come soon...

As you may have noticed (if you have visited the site before) we have a new logo, a more colorful one. We think the new logo with the more colors represents the idea and purpose of the site more correctly. We hope you like it.

The other thing is we have added is the "translate this page" feature which we hope will help people that do not speak English, find their way through the site easy and painless. For now German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Korean, Japanese and Chinese translations of the Symbian Themes site are supported.

I would also use this post to welcome our newest theme author Caroline aka Caro7610. Some of you might know Caro7610 from the Planète-Nokia forums, especially our French speaking visitors. From now on you can find Caro7610's themes on our site, you can download, install and enjoy themes from one more great theme author.

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