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Last day of voting

Hi falks, today is the last day  for voting in the Best Symbian S60 theme contest so make sure that you vote for your favorite theme in the theme competition. On March 31st 2009 at 23:59:59 the voting will be closed and after reviewing the themes for invalid votes we will announce the contest winners. The competition is looking tight and many of our users have voted for their favorite themes. We will not reveal any information on how any of the themes are performing for now to keep up the spirit. Once the winners are announced, the awards and prizes will be given to the theme authors who won in the contest. For all those designers who submitted more then one theme, the best performing theme will be taken for the final placement. So use this last 24 hours and vote for your favorites. Good luck to all.

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Best Symbian S60 theme contest open for voting

Ho, ho, ho but not Marry Xmas, the theme contest is starting today and all the themes are open for voting. It is up to you the visitors of our site to vote and select the Best Symbian S60 theme. So download and install the contest themes and tell us what you think. Write comments and vote for your favorite theme supporting your favorite theme designer. All the contest themes are available on the special contest site. So good luck and let the games begin.

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Final call for submissions

Hi falks, it seems that the first part of the Best Symbian S60 Theme Contest is coming to an end. In the last few weeks some of the best theme authors have designed some of the best themes we have seen ever and sent theme as their submissions for the contest. Until today February 27th 03:30 AM CET we have received submissions from babi, Dhanusaud, Nahid, Bandez, Adelino, Kimi and Ahmed. We have viewed the themes and what can we say they are amazing.

With less then 48 hours until the end of the submission period of the contest, we are still expecting new theme submissions, so theme designers this is your final call. The contest site is ready and will be opened as promised on Mach 1st. So hand on tight and get ready to load your phones with some really amazing themes.

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Best Symbian S60 Theme contest!

Theme contest for best Symbian S60 theme!

Well it is official now, the first stage of the theme contest is starting as of today. All in all it is a "let the best theme win" championship for S60 theme designers from all around the world. Anyone can participate in the theme contest with a unique theme creation, three themes at most will be allowed to be submitted by the same author.

The contest will have two stages, the first one starting from today will be the submission of the themes, as of today February 3rd 2009 and until February 28th all theme designers will be able to design and submit their themes. All received submissions will be tested and uploaded to the contest site until March 1st 2009.

On March 1st we will open the Symbian themes contest site for voting and will introduce the themes to our visitors. The best theme will be selected by user votes and NOT by our decision. Read on more about the contest rules and prizes on the next page of this post.

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One million theme downloads

Well this is a reason to celebrate, ONE MILLION theme downloads in less then a year, what can we say, we are more then happy to see the site growing and gaining more and more popularity. Popularizing the best Symbian S60 3rd edition and S60 5th edition themes from the best theme developers was, is and it will be our main goal, presenting you only the best of the best. So, what is next... February seems a good month to organize our first theme contest and invite all the theme developers to create and show off their themes. We are still working on the special contest site that will allow users to vote for their favorite themes, but more for the theme contest you will find out in a few days when we officially announce the theme contest on our site.

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Server upgrade!

As we promised, we upgraded our server hardware to hold more S60 theme downloads. We just transferred the site to the new server and except for a small downtime for some of our visitors, everything seems to be working just fine. We will be watching the site closely in the next 48 hours to make sure everything is like it should be. We apologize for any problems in advance and honestly hope that this upgrade will improve the free Symbian S60 theme service.

Another good news, we will soon hit one million theme downloads since the site first opened in March 2008.

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Problems with the site!

Today for about an hour Symbian Themes was down due to a unusually big spike in the theme downloads. In less then an hour there were more then 40.000 theme downloads which crashed our server and left the site unavailable for the period. We are currently running on backup hardware so there might be some problems with opening the site in the next 24 hours.

We are already talking with our hosting provider in order to install new hardware that will support  this kind of load so that our visitors will be able to download free S60 themes without any problems. We apologize for any inconvenience and we assure you we are doing our best to keep this site up and running.

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Symbian S60 5th edition themes

With the release of Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and the announced Nokia N97 the Symbian S60 5th edition is now reality and along with it the S60 5th edition themes for Symbian with touch screen support.

"Carbide.ui 3.3 Theme Edition adds support for the identification of S60 5th Edition theme graphics and features for editing 3- and 11-piece components. In addition, updated third-party-icon capabilities provide for the creation of custom icons for the files and folders associated with third-party applications and services."

Having this in mind our site was updated to support the new features needed by the Symbian S60 5th edition themes, we added the known devices and features like the 360x640 display. So, soon and I personally hope very soon we will be featuring the first S60 5th edition themes on our site. 360x640 themes will be available in just a few weeks and even sooner.

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0.5 million themes downloaded

Wow!!! Well this is really something. I hoped that it would be at least one year to get 500.000 theme downloads but it seems like we made it in just eight months. The good thing is that we got prepared well for this. The new servers are up and running and the download speed seems to be improved. We made a few changes to the site so it opens faster. All in all we are very busy to do what we do and trying our best to keep this site up and running.

I want to use this moment to express our gratitude to all the theme designers who supported us and continue to make this site one hell of a place to pimp your phones. Thank you!

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400.000 theme downloads

Wow! Symbian Themes dot US is getting more and more popular, we are getting more and more free S60 theme downloads every day. Our servers are getting more and more loaded every day so we are planning an upgrade soon. Faster hard drives and more memory to support the new features we are preparing.
On the other hand there we will include new theme designers into the site very soon, so there will be a lot of fresh themes to download very, very soon!

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